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As we move through the membership year, we often get questions from Posts asking how they can better retain their Annual members. We know from experience that the best method of retaining and mentoring our membership is through personal contact; and one of the best and most efficient ways to contact these members about their dues renewal is through a telephone campaign. The National Membership Department has put together a short training video explaining how to put one of these calling campaigns together so that your Post can remain on top of membership retention goals and keep these members from falling through the cracks.


You can find this new video on Youtube at - it’s less than twelve minutes and provides a simple and concise lesson on putting a telephone calling campaign together. This video, along with other educational membership videos, can be found at under the Training and Support section, which we encourage all of our Posts to visit and make use of.


As always, the VFW Membership Department is here to provide training and support, recruiting and retention materials, and assistance with all of your membership needs. If we can be of any help for your Department, District, or Post, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you all for all that you do for the VFW, and for showing that we DARE TO CARE about our fellow veterans.



Matt Nute

Eligibility Coordinator, Membership

VFW National Headquarters

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