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Dashboard Cheat Sheet & Coordination Instructions

• Create an OMS account to access.
• Read Commander in Chiefs Membership Program
• Click on Membership Recruiting & Retention Tab
• Review Training Guide & Video for Post level Entries
• VMS donations preferred method are made by clicking link at top below your name. Ensure you enter your Post #.

Dashboard is updated on Friday by close of business. (Checks can be mailed and accepted)
   Minimum donation for VMS is $100
• N/A means Not applicable to Post level.
• KPI Tools mean Key Performance Indicators. Analysis tool for all reports.
        -Gray Bar to the right Options: Numerical is excel based andGraphical option are graphs that show the trends over time.
• Teacher of the Year, Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen entries are made by Post Adjutant when your winner is submitted to District level Chairman.
        -Program Chairman should provide all information to Adjutant. QM should relay $ expended/awarded to Adjutant prior to submission.

• Service Officer is automatically updated once Post election is uploaded into OMS by the Post QM.
        - Red or Unmet Means your Post Service Officer is not a current member of your post or is listed as deceased. An amended election report must be submitted into OMS.
Will be updated within 24hrs.
• Membership is updated through Memstats daily.
        -Every post is rank ordered by division. Hover over the percentage to see ranking.
• Buddy Poppy is updated by National once the Posts Buddy Poppy order has been invoiced.


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