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Every Post Commander and Quartermaster who meets or exceeds the minimum standards by June 30, 2019 will be considered for the title of All State Commander and Quartermaster. Each member of the All-State Post Commander and Quartermaster team will receivean official "All-State Post Commanders

And Quartermaster's Cap"with Lapel Pin.  (Whitehats will not be handed out until the Departmentouting in August 2019).


Minimum Requirements for Judging:

1.                    Posts must be at least 100 % in membership to qualify.

2.                    Each Post must recruit 6 New or Reinstated members;

3.                    Post must show a total of at least 5% New or Reinstated members.

4.                    Post must report in all Programs.

5.                    Must purchase 3 new life memberships from National Home ($50.00 each)

6.                    Post must purchase at least 1000 Poppies, or the numberpurchased in the previous  

7.                    year, whicheveris greater

8.                    Post must be in compliance with the NationalBy-Laws and Manualof Procedure.

9.                    Must haveparticipated in Voice of Democracy (VOD). For VOD, if   you sponsor a student and advance them to District, you receive Five (5) Points or donate $100.00 to the Department's VOD fund, for a (3) point credit, Any or All will give you credit.

10.               Post must have participated in Patriots Pen Program. For Patriots Pen, if you sponsor a student and advance them to District, you receive (Five 5) Points or donate $100.00 to the Departments Patriots Pen fund. For a three (3) Point credit. Any or All will give you credit.

11.               Must have participated in the NationalTeachers award, one entry from any category advanced to District, equals (5) Points or donate $100.00to the Departments Teachersfund, for a three (3) Point credit. Any or All will give you credit.

12.               Must make all Department mandatory contributions and non-mandatory by November 15, 2018.

13.               Posts must be 50 members plus to qualifyfor All State.

14.               Post Commanders or (Sr. Vice/Jr Vice), in the case of Commanders absents.  Quartermasters, Post Service Officersand at least 1 TrusteeMUST attend OTI. All Districts will hold selected OTI material for their District Meeting presented by the Department representative, under the direction of Dana Hussey, OTI Chairman. Points: (5) Commander, (4) Sr. Vice, (3) Jr. Vice, (3) QM, (7) any Trustee